Lifestyle Coaching

Comprehensive weight loss programs that combine the latest evidence based medicine with one-on-one lifestyle coaching on nutrition, physical activity and behavior.

100% Physician Guided Weight Loss

Individually tailored plans, working directly with Dr. Alexis David, MD, Board Certified Obesity Medicine Specialist.

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Medical Options

Obesity is a disease. Medical treatments are available to improve metabolism, regulate hunger, increase satiety and reduce cravings. That's right, It’s not your fault. There is more to it than calories in and calories out. Help is available.

Jocelyn E
Jocelyn Elost 80 lbs & 6.75 inches from waist in 7 months

Dr. David helped "demystify" weight loss. I had immediate results and as I have continued with her, my confidence has increased. For the first time in my life, I feel in control of my weight and on-track to meet my weight loss goals so that I can return to a more active lifestyle.

D.N.lost 55 lbs & 7.5 inches from waist in 6 months

I recommend Dr. David to everyone exploring the best process for losing weight. She tailors her approach to each patient while remaining consistent in using amazing data to help you see your progress across multiple dimensions.

Lose Weight, Gain Health

100% Physician-Guided Weight Loss & Management Program